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LOVE IS ALL tells the story of Jayne Thompson, a part-time librarian who has put her life on hold to raise a family and support her husband’s climb up the corporate ladder.


Jayne kills time as she shops and indulges in some Ghirardelli chocolates before a much-dreaded doctor’s appointment. Within a few short hours, time suddenly has a limit as she is diagnosed with terminal cancer. The ever present “someday” has hit her full force. She immediately goes to her cousin and confidant, Lynn, and shares the news. The twist – Lynn has purchased a ticket for Jayne to take a two-week tour of Europe. It was supposed to have been a celebration, but now Jayne must decide if she stays with her husband to share the news or takes a two-week reprieve to live her dream of traveling to Europe.


Will she choose her dream and “live” for the first time in her life?


The novel is a mixture  of travel, literature, and love. With the backdrop of the real-life story of the love between Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Jayne, the protagonist, knows that an ideal love is humanly possible although she hasn’t found in in her marriage. The setting is almost a character in the novel and offers a history relevant to love. This love story and the European settings set the book apart. The title of the novel is from a Robert Browning poem - Fifine at the Fair, Epilogue, Verses III and IV


Donna Hewlett

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