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4th of July Fireworks…The Root of Dog Terrors

Festive picnics. Watermelon wedges. Creative confections in red, white, and blue.

The fourth of July usually brings celebrations, get togethers, and backyard fun to mind. But, when you own a dog, or two, the neighborhood turns into a fright zone as firecrackers pop.

I understand the tradition of shooting off fireworks at home. I used to light sparklers and brave the tiny bursts of white that tingled as they touched my hand. That’s about all we did in the neighborhood where I grew up.

The plethora of fireworks that the makeshift tent vendors offered go far beyond sparklers. Roman candles, rockets, multiple types of tube devices. Even shells and mortars. The list seems endless. With plenty of professional fireworks displays proffered by cities, towns, and villages, why do we need to fire them off at home?

I would offer a compromise, if the home fireworks enthusiast would simply follow the laws and only shoot them off for a couple of days, the dogs could simply hunker down and be done with it. Instead, in my neighborhood, the pyrotechnics last for weeks. My dogs are terrified to go out in the backyard to do their business. The war outside comes into the house as we chase our two corgis with their leashes and try to take them out.

This year, we packed everyone into the RV and sought the refuge of a State Park. Fireworks were not allowed there. The dogs lounged in a war free zone. They went on walks and enjoyed the sounds of birds chirping or the wind tousling the leaves of the trees. We stayed for a week.

Do you think they will be finished with celebrating by the time we get home? What are your thoughts about fireworks in your neighborhood?

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