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Back to nature for a week…Linder Point Campground

Tucked outside of Iowa City, Linder Point Campground offers a safe refuge from the barrage of neighborhood fireworks. It's located within the Dam Complex as part of the expansive Coralville Lake Project. Boating, hiking, mountain biking, fishing, swimming, and the list goes on. Hiking is our thing. Biking too. But not mountain biking. We stick to the bike paths.

If we are lucky, we see a deer or turkey as we saunter along. There are many trees filled with different species of birds. It’s a beautiful place to reconnect with nature. Then, we go back to the airconditioned splendor of our RV. So, I guess we go “glamping” instead of camping. Nature is beautiful, but I like my modern conveniences.

I tried tent camping many years ago. The tent leaked. My cot broke. A snake crossed my path as I took my young daughter to the bathroom at dawn. That was it. First- and last-time tent camping. Throughout the years we graduated from a pop-up camper, to an aluminum trailer, to a fiberglass trailer, and finally to a Class 3 RV.

Now, you would think it would be smooth sailing with a Class 3. Let’s put it this way, we call it the Albatross. Every single time we take it out, something goes wrong. Perhaps I’ll tell you the stories some other time. Fingers crossed that our trip in this lovely campground ends without the slide-outs not sliding in or the air conditioning taking a hike.

How do you get back to nature? Share some of your camping experiences or suggest places we should go.

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