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Revisions from My Editor

Making my pages bleed....

As a retired English professor, I never used red to make comments on my students' papers. A soft purple. A light green. A pastel pink. I don't have anything against the color red. In fact, it is my favorite. But, when it makes your precious manuscript bleed, you feel it. Your creativity takes an initial beating.

But, as a writer, you took the blows of rejection after rejection. Some form letters. Others offering suggestions and encouragement. You have developed a thick skin. So, you take a deep breath and plunge into the edits with an open mind, triaged heart, and the realization that the editor is on your team. Willing to take the time to bring your novel to the next level.

You've moved from writer to author. Staunch the flow of red with words that spring to life and move your novel closer to publication. It's all part of the dream of becoming a published author. Learn from every red mark on your manuscript. Revel in it!

Any writers/authors care to share their stories of editor's comments and changes? Share your growing pains? Your experience might just help someone else.

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